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About Mel Snyder...

​Mel considers himself a kind of medical-comms Swiss army knife. Since college, he's simply loved to write - mostly about medicine, but also his photography, electronics and sailing passions. He's applied writing/ visual-comms and his love of selling many ways:​

  • Founded and ran a NYC/Brussels and Tokyo-JV international MMA “In-Awe” award winning medical agency

  • Spent almost 9 years in industry - as VP marketing & sales for a biopharma, and VP market development for a  specialty pharma

  • Ghost-wrote dozens of CME programs and med-tech white papers for specialist physicians, sales training - and blogs for agency presidents (and himself!)

  • Presented to analyst meetings & medical congresses as well as hospital and GPO formularies and medical trade groups - because he loves the payer and investment side of pharma..

  • Dug deeply into what he believes is pharma's biggest long-term challenge (bigger than COVID-19) - reimbursement for genetic cures - and society's similar challenge, restoring post-COVID confidence in senior living communities.

He's worked remote for almost 15 years - and is looking for new challenges... perhaps, yours! Call or email him!

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