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One justice makes a difference for millions

The passing of Justice Goldburg may impact 130 million Americans with preexisting conditions, 20 million insured by the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) – and children with rare diseases. Add 12 million who lost employer-paid insurance during the pandemic. A history of COVID-19 infection would put millions more at risk.

The Trump administration joined 20 states demanding the Supreme Court invalidate the ACA. Trump promises a new justice tipping the court to 6-3 for ACA rejection – even if he isn’t reelected.

Forty-four million seniors and the ACA-insured will soon learn that Medicare and Medicaid won't cover a COVID-19 vaccine if approved with an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). No wonder stocks of private insurers like UnitedHealth quickly plunged when the market opening on 9/21.

If the ACA is ruled unconstitutional, the effect on pharma could be profound. At least half the 20 most expensive drugs in the U.S. – with list prices as high as $71,000 – treat rare diseases. Loss of the preexisting-condition protection would make these drugs virtually unaffordable for millions on public insurance, who aren’t eligible for drug-company discount programs.

One justice makes a big difference.

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